Minutes of the First Club Meeting

Oct. 20, 1939 — THE TRI-COUNTY COON HUNTERS held their opening meeting. This meeting was to organize a club which would protect and increase the coons along with other game in our county and surrounding counties. Butch Wessel acted as chairman and called the meeting to order.

Mr. Mosbauth, the speaker sent from the state department, then gave a very interesting talk.

The election of the officers then took place, electing Dell Hickman as president, Corny Suttmiller as Secretary, and Paul Obermeyer as Treasurer.

The newly elected officers called a meeting to appoint a Vice President who was Albert Neidenthal and Harvey Siebert was appointed as State Delegate.

Early Club History

In January, 1940, the Club bought four coons which were taken alive by trappers. One of these was released, the other three were kept for parent stock at Harvey Siebert’s home.

On May 5, the Club gave a Clay bird shoot in order to raise money to pay for the coon pens and coon feed.

The State shipped four boxes of adult quail and six coons for the club to release. They also sent one hundred and twenty-five pheasant eggs from which the club hatched and raised sixty-three pheasants. Two thousand Large-mouth Bass, two thousand Small-mouth Bass, and three thousand Rock Bass were also shipped to the club. The Large and Small Mouth Bass were released in our reservoirs, the Rock Bass were released in Ripley Creek. Later on in October we received three thousand Blue Gill which were released in the Reservoir.