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Dues for joining the club are $30 for an annual membership. Memberships are valid 01 November - 31 October.  The money collected for membership goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the facility. 

Membership is required when using the grounds for non-sponsored outings. Having a club membership is not required to participate in any club sponsored shoot or event, however it is encouraged.

Memberships may be purchased at Coonhunters --- OR at the NAPA Store in Batesville.

To learn more about the use of the facilities, see below.


Welcome to Tri County coon Hunters Conservation Club

PRESIDENT -           Bill Rauthe

VICE PRESIDENT - Chris Nichols

SECRETARY -          Phil Merkel

TREASURER -          Anny Hazelwood


Bill Rauthe

Chris Nichols

Carl Hazelwood

Nick Doll

Paul Brinson

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1. Lake rules and regulations:

a. Only members in good standing can use the lake

b. No swimming

c. No motors on boats

d. No cutting of trees

e. Indiana hunting and fishing license is required

f. No littering

g. Not responsible for accidents

h. Stocking of pond is to be done by committee only

2.  “RANGE CLOSED” signs must be in place when the building is rented or if the range is closed for other purposes. There can be no shooting of any kind. 

3. A monthly report should be given by each committee at the regular monthly meeting.

4. The small building (“Skeet”) will not be rented out to anyone.

5. Anyone under the age of 16 who is not a member can be with a cardholder as a guest.

6. Rentals cannot be booked more the 1 (one) year in advance.

7. All rentals must have a sales tax charged on rental only. Sales tax will be taken out of the rental.

8. There will be no rentals scheduled when there are scheduled shoots of any kind.

9. All bank and/or financial accounts must have two (2) signatories. This should be the Treasurer and the Club President. Individual and/or committee bank accounts are not allowed.

10. Only one membership card per family is necessary.  Each membership card is allotted one vote.  You must have your own membership at the age of eighteen (18).

11. Tri-County Coonhunters will offer the rifle range for use to other organizations at a negotiated fee. This must be approved by the Board of Director’s.

12. Safety glasses and hearing protection are required to shoot.

13. Members must have a membership card on them at all times while on club property.

14. Hunting on the Lodge property is prohibited at all times due to the increasing number of homes surrounding the property.

15. No fishing or setting of trout lines are permitted in the clubs rearing pond.


All shooters must obey the commands of the Range Officer when one is present.

Range Officer reserves the right to inspect any firearms or ammunition for safety considerations.

a. All Federal, state, and local firearm laws must be obeyed.

b. All Firearms not on the firing line must be holstered, or unloaded with their action open

And the magazine removed or unloaded and encased.

c. No class III firearms are aloud to be shot on the range.

d. 50 caliber modern rifles are NOT allowed to be shot on the range.

e. Tracer, armor piercing and steel core ammunition are prohibited.

f. Each individual is responsible for safe handling of his/her own weapon

g. All users of the range must be a member of the club, with the exception of sanctioned shoots.

h. Supervision is required for young shooters and those new to the sport. The range officer is NOT responsible to oversee that this is done.

i. When transferring a weapon to and from the firing line, the unloaded weapon should be pointed upward and the bolt open.

j. When preparing to load and shoot a weapon, the weapon is to be pointed down range and in the direction of the target. Inserting a magazine into the weapon is considered part of the loading procedure.

k. Shoot only at appropriate targets. No metal targets except at supervised sanctioned events.  Racks may be available for use at sanctioned events.

l. Do not place any foreign objects (bottles, cans, etc.) on the ground or on the racks as targets. Do not shoot the racks. THEY ARE NOT TARGETS. All rounds MUST impact into the backstop.

m. The use of exploding targets, ex. Tannerite, is prohibited.

n. Under no circumstances may a loaded weapon be left unattended. Any unsafe handling of a weapon will not be tolerated. In such cases, an offender can be told to leave the property and refused further admittance to the premises.

o. The first person on site at the range will be considered the range officer. This does not include regular or sanctioned shoots.

p. No person will proceed down range while there is a loaded weapon on the firing line. All weapons will be benched and unloaded with the muzzle pointed down range, with the action open, ejection port or cylinder up and magazine removed before proceeding down range. No weapons will be handled while targets are being posted.

q. Before leaving the range, you must clean up any debris and place it in the appropriate containers.

r. All black powder and muzzle loading events will follow the National Muzzle loading Rules.

s. TRAP will follow all American Trap shooters Assoc. rules.

t. SKEET will follow all National Skeet Shooters Assoc. Rules.

u. Modern Rifle and Pistol will follow NRA Range Rules.


a. No members are permitted to borrow assets (equipment, tools, etc.) for personal use.

With out Board of Directors approval.

b. Only board approved members are authorized to operate power equipment (tractor’s, mowers, etc.) These approved members will be held responsible for the condition of the equipment. Any problems or damage should be reported to the president of the club immediately.

c. No members are permitted to remove natural materials (timber, firewood, stone, etc.) for personal use or profit without board approval.

d. It is the responsibility of EVERY member to monitor all club properties and assets, with the exception of open shoots, rentals, or special events. Anyone not known to be an active club member, when on club property, will be required to produce their membership card, or asked to leave the property.

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